Nexgen is now Nexbox TV

Available on all your favorite devices


Why Nexbox TV?


The best value in live cable-free tv is now with UpNEX DVR

Over 2500 HD quality channels to stream from around the world including most U.S. local and regional networks, major sports subscriptions, pay per view events, and premium movie channels starting at $18.99 per month for 2 devices. We provide the best value among all other streaming tv providers.


GotNEX Sports is the Best in the Game!

You're the real MVP with Nexbox TV. A sports fanatic's dream! All the major sports packages in one subscription plus over 200 regional sports channels from around the country. Never miss a game or sporting event. And if that wasn't enough, pay per view events are also included at no additional cost!  Get a NEXSeason Pass starting at $99.99 for 6 months and sit back and enjoy!


Want movies and TV shows On-Demand?

We got a lot of them. UpNEX On Demand is included free with the purchase of a Nexbox. Get thousands of movies and tv shows to choose from using one of our many apps. Fully loaded for all you serious binge watchers. Go back and watch all your favorite seasons. Popular TV shows are usually available within hours of their airing. 

Streaming Devices Available